FAQ about the Supper Club

1. Most items are dairy fee and nut free and gluten free. We will Make note of those items on the menu. There will be one vegetarian option each week.

2. There will be 4 options of meals available per week including kid portions of adult meals or separate kid meals for picky eaters. Each entree serves two adults.

3. You will need to place your order each Friday by noon for the following week.

4. You will pick up on Monday's from Downtown Deli between 9am and 5pm.

5. With the demand level we will not be able to take special orders or substitutions.

6. There is a $39/year membership fee that includes a thermal food bag for you to transport your items (have your own bag? Membership goes to $19!)

7. Meals average $10 per person.

8. Everything is oven ready! All you have to do is turn your oven on and off!

9. You pick your schedule! Busy week? Order more! Going away? Take the week off! No food going to waste. No coming home to still have to cook. Just grab and go!

10.  Most meals will still be delicious for the week, however salads should be eaten in the beginning of the week. Seafood items should be eaten first in the week.